Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Daily Texan Exposes AdMobile

From the Daily Texan on Sept. 26, 2005. Traveling advertisements skirt city ordinances for now. By Mark Muecke

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ways to Fight Back

I'm not sure if these methods are legal, but if they are...

1)Follow them around town. I realize that by following them, there would be two vehicles on the street instead of one. But that might just be for a short time. A few weeks of two polluters is better than years of many polluters.

2)Write to the companies that advertise with them. I suggest that people use this blog. If you see one of the trucks on the street, post the time, place and company that was advertising. Let these companies know that you don't appreciate their moving billboards.

3)Get them banned. Email your city council members. Tell them you don't want AdMobile on our streets.


Reasons to Hate AdMobile

1) They are polluters. Austin taxpayers will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars this year on efforts to reduce air pollution. From new inspections to free bus rides, it may seem expensive, but it's better than losing the millions of dollars in highway funds if we don't. Of course, what does AdMobile care if we lose funding. Gridlock is just a captive audience. In their own words, "It can't be switched off like the radio, and it doesn't fade into the background or get obscured by trees like ordinary billboards."

2) They clog the streets. While the rest of Austin is trying find solutions to the daily traffic jams. AdMobile sends out empty trucks to cruise up and down our busiest highways during rush hour.

3) They run illegal ads. We Austinites have decided we don't want more commercials on our roads. New billboards are illegal. AdMobile is violating the spirit of the law by putting their signs on trucks.


Admobile is now in Austin

Have you noticed more traffic on the road lately? Have you been stuck behind a large truck traveling "from early morning drive time, through evening rush hour?" Have you noticed the extra air pollution? (Someone did. Today was another Ozone action day.) Did you think to yourself, if new billboards are illegal in Austin, why do I still keep seeing advertising everywhere?

If so, maybe you've noticed the latest new business in Austin - AdMobile.

In case you haven't heard, AdMobile sends out empty trucks to fill our streets, block our traffic and pollute our air just so you can see more advertising. According to the AdMobile website, "Admobile uses the latest traffic data from the Department of Transportation and local agencies to design driving routes through the most heavily-traveled corridors in each metro area."

Texas doesn't need outsiders using our resources for their profit . Let's send this company back to their state and get ADMOBILE OUT OF AUSTIN.

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